Custom Mortgage Loans

At Riverside Bank, our primary focus is on being the best in Arkansas at providing all sorts of financing options for your next home mortgage loan. We promise that we can offer the lowest mortgage rates in Arkansas, along with the lowest mortgage costs. If you are looking for an Arkansas mortgage lender that offers the lowest Arkansas mortgage interest rates and costs, along with secure and fast service, you need to stop trying – we can't be beat!

As a Bank, we cut to the chase between you and your loan broker or mortgage company. Less costs and lower rates. We provide Arkansas home equity lines, new construction loans, home remodeling loans, loans for investment and rental properties, bridge loans, and much more. We also offer traditional banking products like Auto Loans, Personal Loans, Commercial Real Estate Loans, and Small Business Loans.

By avoiding multi-branching, sticks and bricks retail banking, we maintain the ability to be most competitive because of our cost structure, which directly benefits our Arkansas mortgage customers. You will not find us on every street corner, so you will save more with lower borrowing costs because of these efficiencies.