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High Yield CDs

Riverside Bank offers some of the highest yielding CD rates in the entire country, and certainly in Arkansas. We pass our overhead savings onto our depositors. We are building savings, not branches. Call us for a quote.

Basic Checking Account

Choose our Basic Checking Account if you do not plan on keeping any significant balance in your account, and write less than 20 checks per month. This account includes Internet Banking Access, Visa Debit Check Cards, Electronic Statement option, and has no minimum balance requirements.

Interest Checking

If you want to earn a high yield interest rate on your checking account funds with all of the latest technology including Free Internet Banking, External Bank Transfers, Electronic Statements, Electronic Bill-Pay, Visa Debit Cards, and Free ATM’s Nationwide – this is the right account for you.

Internet Banking

All of our accounts have access to state-of-the-art Internet Banking Services, including Electronic Bill-Pay, Electronic Statements and images of your checks, External Deposits to and from any Bank, and much more. It is like having a Virtual Teller available to you wherever you are.

Visa Check / Debit Cards

Approved customers can enjoy Free Visa Check Cards that are usable everywhere Visa cards are accepted, and can be used to access cash through ATM’s Nationwide. You can get cash-back at most retailers as well with no charges to you (and saves an extra trip to an ATM machine).

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